Terra Di Gioia

The sun-drenched Mediterranean

Terra di Gioia, the new feminine fragrance by Giorgio Armani, is a tribute ... more
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This fruity floral fragrance with notes of almond blossoms, jasmine andambery woods create a warm accord that embodies modern femminity with an ode to a joyful mindset

Terra di Gioia, the new feminine fragrance by Giorgio Armani, is a tribute to the warm, sensual and enveloping Mediterranean basin.

This evocative fragrance captures the ever-enchanting mood of the Mediterranean lands, where voluptuous dunes mingle with amber rocks bordering on wide seas.

TERRA DI GIOIA starts with a sparkling and tender pear accord, which fuses with fresh citrus notes. At its heart is fruity and velvety jasmine grandiflorum from India, crafted exclusively for Armani. At the fragrance’s base are musks and ambery woods, which create a soft and enveloping sillage.

Curved lines, inspired by the forms of nature. A pastel terracota orange rounded cap, like a precious stone, radiant and warm. A transparent glass shape that creates a perfect harmony to encaspulate this scent of joy.
Apply on pulse point: wrist, inner elbow and neck.
"Avoid sun exposure directly after use. Use this product away from heat, sparks, open flame, or any other ignition source. "


Sparkling and tender, it fuses with pear,
notes of bergamot and mandarin.


Create a soft, enveloping trail,
that conjures an infinite caress.


Exclusive to Armani, this scent is extracted in
a unique way that preserves its intensity.