Supreme Coverage, Comfort & Silk Glow

The essential fashion and beauty accessory offers effortless skin perfectio... more
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Best coverage - Comfort – Silk glow


The 1st Cushion with the best of coverage, comfort and silk glow. All the benefits of your liquid foundation on the go.
The 1st Armani Cushion that takes care of your skin and that improves your skin texture day after day.


Liquid foundation

The essential fashion and beauty accessory offers effortless skin perfection, anytime and anywhere. A new feather light essence-in-foundation is located in a pillow-soft cushion compact, care for skin in the long-term. Adding in 4 new colors to the existing offer, bringing total up to 10 shades to suit all Asian skin tones.

Skincare essence: Enriched with skincare essences which deliver 18 hours of thirst-quenching nourishment. The skin is instantly protected by the presence of an SPF23 filter.

Color essence: A tailor-made formula for a long lasting finish. Coverage is buildable for day and night or even the most fleeting of touch-ups.

Light essence: Liquid Biron brightens, silk-in-sphere technology lends the face a soft-focus glow.

A new pointed applicator
A newly designed applicator allows users to reach every angle and corner of the face with the utmost precision and ease. The bouncy-soft applicator smart fabric - a soft, smooth neopora - picks up the perfect dose, skin feels comfortable and caring, with antibacterial. Skin is instantly transformed with one simple gesture.

*My Armani to go cushion is the winner of Cosmopolitan Asian Beauty Awards 2019

Gently soak the middle part of the applicator to pick up foundation.
Then, swipe the face perfectionist applicator across the skin to spread the product and dab the face to blend.
Repeat application, based on your coverage need.
To finish, gently dab foundation under the eyes & around the nose and lips using the sharp shape of the applicator.

Backstage tip:
Apply before your complexion make-up, on top of foundation on cheekbones, temples and between brows to create a hydrated natural glow and day-long lasting make-up effect.