Ecstasy Shine Lip Cream

The innovative Lip Cream with the Shine of a Lip Gloss

The pure joy of glowing lip colour, the brilliance of a dazzling high-shine... more
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Shiny finish - Creamy texture - Comfortable - Glamourous


The clearest shiny color. The most comfortable cream texture.
2x softer & melting than a lipstick.
18 glamour colors with a wet and shiny finish.
Slow top filling process.
Finer crystallization for creamy texture.


Lip Cream

The pure joy of glowing lip colour, the brilliance of a dazzling high-shine finish, the happiness of healthy, moisturized lips. The new ECSTASY SHINE lip cream range from Giorgio Armani Beauty breaks the mold, and rewrites the rules.

ECSTASY SHINE colours lips like a lip cream, moisturizes like a balm with the shine of a lip gloss. It gives you something to smile about.
Formulated for ease and speed of application, offering funky jolts of bold saturated shiny lip shades with a weightless, soft texture, ECSTASY SHINE is youthful, energetic, vibrant and fun.
Apply Ecstasy Shine directly from the stick & roll the lips together to spread.
No need of a lip pencil as the product does not migrate.