Armani Prima Oil-In-Gel Foaming Cleanser

Cleanses Skin Like An Oil and Purifies Like A Gel In Just One Step

An advanced luxury skincare line that improves skin quality and enhances ma... more
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Remove - Cleanse - Purify



Instantly: The fresh gel formula melts like an oil, which turns into a creamy foam upon rinsing. Skin is perfectly clean yet comfortable. Even the most pigmented makeup goes away and all impurities are gently removed. Complexion looks fresher. The skincare routine is optimized.

All day long: Foundation looks seamless and luminous.

Day after day: Skin texture is refined. Skin radiance is enhanced.



An advanced luxury skincare line that improves skin quality and enhances makeup glow so that it lasts all day long.

Any make-up artist will tell you: double cleansing is the secret to a flawless skin, thus a beautiful make-up. Because busy women don’t have the time to do both, Giorgio Armani Beauty laboratories created a daily oil-in-gel cleanser that associates the benefits of a foaming cleanser and a make-up removing oil, even on waterproof make-up. The latest addition to the ARMANI PRIMA skincare routine, has a dual-action: it delicately purifies skin and thoroughly removes make-up.

INSTANT OFF/FACE – EYES – LIPS is the result of an exclusive Wet & Dry cleansing technology that combines the “dry” make-up removing benefits of a cleansing oil with the “wet” properties of a foaming cleanser.

The formula is enriched with almond oil, professional make-up artist's secret to gentle, soft on skin make-up removal.
INSTANT OFF/FACE – EYES – LIPS is composed of an exfoliating complex of Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid, LHA & HEPES to enhance skin renewal, instantly improving its smoothness and texture.
- In the morning, wet application:
Gently lather a dime-sized amount of gel onto wet face until it is entirely covered with foam. Rinse with water until the foam is completely gone.

- At night, dry application:
Gently massage a nut-sized amount onto dry skin, even on your eyelashes and your lips. lather with water, then Rinse until the foam disappears. Gently dry your skin by patting a towel onto your face.