CREMA NERA EXTREMA Supreme Defence Fluid SPF15

Anti-aging Day Cream

Ten years ago, the Giorgio Armani Beauty laboratories created CREMA NERA EX... more
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Reinforce - Anti-aging - Anti-pollution – Glow


Anti-wrinkles, firmness, regeneration, radiance > Reviscentalis & 4 minerals
Photo-protection, anti-pollution > Baicalin + + VIT E + VIT Cg
Anti-inflammatory, anti-redness, soothe > Pantelleria Capers



Ten years ago, the Giorgio Armani Beauty laboratories created CREMA NERA EXTREMA, a premium anti-ageing skincare line based on the regenerating properties of the Reviscentalis™ complex. Reviscentalis™ was formulated from a resurrection plant capable of activating the skin’s fundamental regeneration mechanisms, thus playing a key role in cell respiration.

CREMA NERA EXTREMA SUPREME DEFENSE FLUID SPF 15 is the latest addition to the range. It boasts all the characteristics of CREMA NERA EXTREMA anti-ageing skincare, as well as a complete protection against pollution and long UVA, UVA and UVB rays. The formula enriched with baicalin and a natural caper extract provides antioxidant protection in a smooth, velvety day cream.

The easy-to-apply fluid caresses the skin, then disappears in an instant to leave a light, powdery and velvety finish. It offers immediate comfort and an instant feeling of freshness. Soft to the touch, skin is silky and radiant.

SUPREME DEFENSE FLUID SPF 15/PA +++ is applied daily like a day cream following a unique massage routine.
The gestures were inspired by facial reflexology to isolates the skin from the external aggressions and boost the cell respiration through the stimulation of the reflex area on face corresponding to the lungs & colon organs.