A luxurious mask with powerful naturally-derived ingredients to cleanse, purify and nourish the complexion.

Formulated with naturally-derived ingredients, the CREMA NERA REVIVING VOLC... more
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Cleanse, Purify and Nourishing



Formulated with naturally-derived ingredients, the CREMA NERA REVIVING VOLCANIC MASK combines revitalization with a sensorial experience.  

With the power of the Miracle Plant Extract REVISCENTALIS™, Macadamia Oil and Volcanic Powder, it boasts a rich, luxurious texture with a transformative gel-to-oil-to-milk formulation to purify the skin by intensely moisturizing. It offers the ultimate nourishment, comfort, and care without being greasy.  

CREMA NERA REVIVING VOLCANIC MASK can be used twice a week as a purifying mask. A thin layer is applied to the face with a brush, left for ten minutes to activate, then gently massaged into the complexion. It transforms into an oil, before turning into a milk when rinsed away. 
The mask is accompanied by a sleek application brush with antibacterial features. It allow users to reach every angle and corner of the face to enhance the sensory experience .

After 4 weeks, % of Asian women agree their skin feel**
Smoother 100%
More Radiant 100%
Firmer 98%
More defined 98%
**Self-assessment,68 Asian women after 4 weeks


1. Apply to dry skin on face, eyes & lips using the provided brush

2. Leave for 10 minutes

3. Massage to activate the oil-blend and rinse off with water

Use it as part of CREMA NERA ritual twice a week. Can also be used as a make-up remover on face, eyes & lips.