ARMANI PRIMA Eye & lip contour perfector

Reduced dark circles, more defined outline of eyes and lips

See immediate benefits with the help of the eye & lip contour perfector, a ... more
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Hydrate - Treat - Set


Eye: Anti-puffiness; dark circles & Eye bag are reduced.
Lip: Lips are more plump, lipstick stays put, visible anti-feathering result.
Hydration improved; fine lines decreased.
Skin feel nourished immediately.

See immediate benefits with the help of the eye & lip contour perfector, a new gesture in the daily beauty routine. Fine lines on the face and dark circles are blurred for a more youthful appearance, while light reflection on the skin's surface is amplified for brighter eyes and more luminous skin. In addition, the smooth formula allows for impeccable application and long-lasting hold of dark circle concealers. Lipsticks are also prevented from feathering and bleeding into lip lines.
After just four week of use, dark circles appear reduced, the outline of eyes and lips appear more defined.
Apply before Glow-On Moisturizing Balm. Dab with fingertips the bottom of the eyes to stimulate the circulation. Over & under lips.

Apply before the concealer can make concealer stay put.
HYDRATION: HYDRALIP (improvement of hydration: +60%, decrease of fine lines: -29%, +40% increase of lip volume).

TREAT: BUCKWHEAT WAX (in vivo test: anti-puffiness -10%) and HALOXYL (in vivo test: anti dark circles -20%)