Eyes To Kill Stellar

Intensely pigmented long-lasting color with a smooth application and a comfortable, shimmery finish.

What it is: An ultra-pigmented, long lasting eyeshadow with a comfortable... more
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Eyes To Kill Stellar

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Intense; Shimmer; Comfort; Mono Eye Shadow


• Intense and vivid colors
• Soft and pleasant application
• Long Lasting but easy to remove

What it is:
An ultra-pigmented, long lasting eyeshadow with a comfortable gel texture and shimmery finish.

Let your eyes steal the scene with this highly pigmented long-lasting eyeshadow offers bright, even, shimmering color with easy application thanks to its unique, playful texture. Eyes To Kill Stellar eyeshadow feels ‘bouncy’ and gel-like when in the pot, but transforms into a light powder when applied to the lid with a finger. The sparkling shades can create looks from the sheer to the dramatic, depending on a woman’s mood.

The six new, sparkling shades can create looks from sheer to intense. Easy to blend and comfortable to wear, the shimmering tones are presented in round jars, which can be layered, matched, and collected. The finish is unparalleled thanks to the richness of the colours and the shimmering textures.

What it does:
EYES TO KILL STELLAR provides a long wear, vivid, and buildable color with intense shimmer.

• INTENSE AND VIDID COLOR: A bright, even color impact thanks to the oils in the formula that ensure an even spreading of the pigments.
• SENSORIAL BOUNCY TEXTURE: A playful, easy to use and blend texture thanks to a polymeric gel base.
• SMOOTH APPLICATION IN ONE STROKE: A glide-on sensation upon application without compromise on wear thanks to an emollient paste agent mixed with resin.
For an easy application:
apply the color directly to your eyelid with your fingertip. Layer for a more intense color.

For a more sophisticated look:
use a brush to draw the desired eye shape. Intensify the color on the center of the lid for a brighter look.